Save your dates of an art-calendar of constant recovery

There are some common corner-stones between the differences services I am offering my supervision activities.
One of them is the concept, the methodology & the praxis of recovery.
Far before considering it a hip term, I decline recovery as a basic point of assuring rights, respect, dignity & opportunity to every one from a bottom-up perspective.
I have always considered (& will always do) an honor the opportunity to meet, exchange & contribute to the remarkable work run by the working teams I collaborate with.
Sometimes, their amazing activities risk to remain unknown, or known to a very close circle of people: the workers themselves, their organizations, their clients.

If I can contribute to let their results a bit more widely-known, it would be a way to circulate their experiences, & open up the horizons of recovery.
I start by presenting the results achieved in a lab run by CADD El Duende, a daily centre for young adults with various disabilities.
This lab is just one between the many activities run at El Duende. This lab combined the evocative language of music with the inspiring possibilities of art.
The music was used as a path to connect the individual ability with emotions, while art was declined as instrumental to match perceived emotions with the universal language of creativity. 
The lab produced a 2015 calendar where every months have been presented by a reproduction of a LP cover drawn by the participants.
I found it remarkable as an art product, & impressively evocative of the inner world connected to the chosen music.
You can have more information, order the calendar & share your comments on their facebook page, or choose the good-old way: contact them directly here.

The pictures are taken from El Duende webpages.


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