the free laboratory for teens with hearing impariment is growing & goes to facebook

The free laboratory for teens with hearing impariment launched by Fiadda Piemonte last february is growing, both in term of participation & for their will to communicate, been creative & open to the world.

The free laboratory is conducted by Federica Pea. The group has full liberty in terms of contents, modality, horizons. We are truly convinced that those boys & girls have the capacity, competence & right to self-determination. This free laboratory is an opportunity to experience those spaces where possibilities can grow. Our will is to create the space that will host their opportunities. Fiadda Piemonte support their decision to open the group "Adolescenti sordi (deaf teens)" on Facebook, in order to maximize their possibility to get in touch, to foster their communication, their share, their closeness.
The laboratory is keeping on, & participants are running at high speed. As I often mention, groups, & adolescents in particular, have an enormous energy, a great opportunity for growth, if just they find their space to express themselves, to make it possible & share.
Despite the differences of & personal history, they decided that:
parents are strictly asked to keep out, so to safeguard their physical & simbolic dimension- to launch the group "Adolescenti sordi (deaf teens)" on facebook (here), which will be entirely handled by them with Federica Pea as a mediator.
They clearly specify:
- the aims:
raise awareness & increase the connection between teenagers with hearing impariment, offering a space for discussion, share, talk about the real issues in real life- the basic rules: the access is granted solely and exclusively for teenagers with hearing impariment aged between 12 & 21 years at most; in no way there will be space nor toleration for insults nor explicit contents.During my participaticipation to their first meeting, I shared with the boys and girls that, from that very moment on, the information about the management & development of the laboratory will only be possible on their specific indication or demand, in order to comply, give dignity & protect as much as possible their autonomy & the privacy of their own space & their if you are a teenager with hearing impariment, meet them on fb here.
That's all folks, good work, good time, good everything


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