impressive article: I’m the evictee telling you how it is

"I’m the evictee telling you how it is" is an impressive article written by Cristina Fallarás (originally out 31 July 2013 on Liberation):
«My name is Cristina Fallarás and I've become the most talked about evictee person in Spain. I would have preferred to talk about other things but the times, and the country, have forced this subject upon me (...) At the precise moment when my son Lucas opened the door and said "Mummy, it's a man," I stopped being a writer, a journalist and a publisher, to become an evictee who could testify about it in writing and explain it in front of a camera. A live report, in the first person, it is practical and it hits home. The Holy Trinity of journalism: object, subject and analysis, three in one.
200709 Barcelona (ES)
... I'm writing from down below, from the collapsed part... From here, we can barely see those that remain on top, we have to strain our memory. We know how they live, what they eat, what they buy, how they dress and move because we were up there not so long ago. But misery imposes selective amnesia and I think that is a small part of our salvation. Those on top, on the other hand, do not look at us. They can't. There remain the journalists, the informers who try in vain to report on poverty, on evictions, the reasons for suicides. But how can they? If you have never had the electricity or the water cut off, or both, then your idea of poverty is without substance. That is why I am useful to you today. This is the story of an evictee.»

The article is disposable in various languages. Here the link to the EN version:


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